Sycamore Services is mourning the loss of Dan Perrin, a long-time member of our Work Center crew, who passed away recently. Dan was originally from Tipton, Indiana, and was one of 10 children in his family. Dan moved to Hendricks County 17 years ago and has been part of Sycamore’s family since that time.

Dan was involved in projects in the Work Center and particularly enjoyed untangling hangers because it was a fun challenge for him. On Thursdays, Dan spent time with Recreational Therapy and loved playing board games, especially Yahtzee. Dan’s guardian, Kay Muir, says Dan had a great mind and was always very proud of his math skills. He loved working on his math papers and would save them for her so she could see how well he had performed on his math problems.

Dan loved Christmas, and each year he would count down the days until Christmas. He could always tell Kay how many days there were until Christmas Day, and how many days until his birthday (which fell in October). His love of counting also extended to quarters – Kay says Dan was “obsessed” with quarters, loved them and loved to count them. He also had a particular fondness for Root Beer, but it had to be served in a large cup with no ice! That was the way Dan liked it.

In the 9 years that Kay has been Dan’s support person, she saw him make many friends. It seemed everywhere that Dan went, he made friends. Dan was a wonderful individual that will be remembered and missed by all of his friends and family here at Sycamore Services. Rest peacefully, Dan.