Sycamore Services-Hendricks County ARC

Sycamore Services and Hendricks County ARC is comprised of program participants, parents and family members, employees of Sycamore, rehabilitation professionals and advocates of people with disabilities.  ARC Membership gives our organization a voice when legislatures are proposing bills that relate to individuals with disabilities.  The more members we have, the greater our voice when it comes time to let our Representatives and Senators know how we feel about legislation impact programs and services for people with all types of disabilities.

It is easy to join this group. Membership is $10 per year and your entire membership is retained at Sycamore Services.  There are three meetings per year.  The first is the election meeting held on the first Monday of May at 7 PM.  Arc Members are sent the list of candidates prior to the meeting so the vote can be processed efficiently.  The second meeting is held in September, on the Monday following Labor Day at 7 PM.  This meeting is considered our Membership Drive; invitations are open to those wishing to become members and those who are already active members of our ARC.  The last meeting of the year is the first Monday of November, this is our annual update meeting.  Directors of Sycamore’s programs provide summaries of activities that have taken place throughout the year.  This meeting presents a great opportunity to learn about existing services and plans for new ones.

To become a member, simply send your tax deductible $10.00 membership fee to our corporate office at the address shown below.  Include your name and mailing address so there is an accurate record of your payment or click here to submit membership online, designate $10 in the “other event”  category and list your name and address in the notes section.

Attn:  ARC Membership
P.O. Box 369
Danville, IN  46122

Thank you!

How to Get Involved

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