Since May 2018, Leroy has been working as a Dietary Aide at the Village of Avon. Lee Wilhite, Leroy’s Employment Consultant, set up an opportunity for Leroy to job shadow at the Village of Avon. Leroy knew coming in that with Lee’s help, and his own experience of working in the kitchen that he would definitely get the job. Previously, Leroy had worked in the kitchen at Prestwick. Sure enough, he was offered the job immediately. 

Everyone at Village of Avon loves Leroy. He works diligently, and he is always willing to help with any task he is given. Each day, Leroy takes a cart around to collect dirty dishes after breakfast and lunch, sweeps and mops the kitchen, does dishes, and takes out the trash. He says the most important part of the job is to keep the kitchen clean. 

Every day, LINK (Hendricks County’s public transportation system) will transport Leroy to and from work. This helps him create his own schedule and have a safe and reliable way to get around. 

At home, Leroy is very helpful, too. He loves to help in the kitchen, sweep the floor, and water his garden. Every year, Leroy makes quilts with his mom and dad to donate to the homeless at Wheeler Mission. Leroy is also a greeter at church who passes out the bulletin each week 

Leroy grew up on a corn and soybean farm in Minnesota. He was always running around helping his parents with farming duties. Living on the farm taught him the value of hard work. It also gave him a love for tractors. Now, he collects miniature tractors and has gotten over 300 of them since the 1980s. 

Leroy plans to stay at the Village of Avon for a very long time, because he feels so appreciated there. He loves to work hard and make new friends. He is so happy to be involved in a great place that is so close to home.