Since April 2018, Ben has been working at Hamilton Pointe, a skilled nursing facility in Evansville. Alice Cooper, Ben’s Employment Consultant, took Ben to Hamilton Pointe for a situation assessment, allowing him to job shadow as a dishwasher. The following week, Ben went back in to be observed by a manager. He was offered a job on the spot.

John Brooks, Ben’s supervisor and the assistant manager at Hamilton Pointe, has been an instrumental part of Ben’s success. Ben has a photographic memory, but is directionally challenged, so his supervisors labeled hallways with numbers corresponding to numbers on trays. This numeric system is a perfect tool for Ben.

Ben is also learning how to use the bus for transportation to and from his job. Before starting at Hamilton Pointe, Ben did not understand the concept of time, but now he is able to manage the bus schedule and make it to work on time.

Now, Ben works quickly and independently, and has been given more responsibilities over time. Ben has received a smile button from his employer, because he brings a smile to everyone around him. Alice shared, “Ben is an absolute joy to be around!”