When Anna came to Sycamore Services, almost 10 years ago, she was shy, quiet, and a little unsure of herself. Anna began attending the Martinsville Day Services program to increase her social skills. Part of what she learned in the Day program was how to set her own goals and, most importantly, how to achieve them.

Over the years, Anna’s confidence and bubbly personality has blossomed. She set two major goals for herself: to find a competitive job and to move into her own apartment. Anna began working with Sycamore’s Employment Services and her job coach, Veronica Romero, to achieve her first goal. A few years ago, Anna was hired by Chili’s where she learned to bus tables. Her hard work and desire to do a great job did not go unnoticed by management. She has now been promoted to hostess and has also been named “Employee of the Month.” She’s also proud of the fact that she is the only employee that has never broken a dish at her restaurant!

Anna’s job has allowed her to become more independent. She has attended community events with friends from work and, recently, moved into her own apartment. She still receives support from Sycamore Services through the Day Services program, and meets with her job coach regularly. She also utilizes transportation services through Sycamore’s transportation company, Morgan County CONNECT. Thanks to Anna’s hard work, and the dedication of Sycamore Services staff, Anna has gained the confidence she needed to be more outgoing, gain her independence and reach her goals.