Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  What are Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)?

A.  The five core services of Pre-ETS are listed, along with examples of those services (pre-ETS is not limited to the examples listed):

1. Job exploration counseling

  • Discussion of students’ vocational interests
  • Review of local labor market and in-demand industries and occupations
  • Non-traditional employment options
  • Identification of career pathways of interest to the students


2. Work-based learning experiences

  • Apprenticeships and job shadowing
  • Paid and non-paid internships and/or work experiences
  • Information interviews
  • Volunteering


3. Counseling on postsecondary opportunities

  • Gaining awareness of pathways
  • Promoting participation in postsecondary education
  • Attending college fairs and tours
  • Accessing services and supports from agencies that assist people with disabilities


4. Workplace readiness training

  • Receive training on communication, problem solving, and other specific social and interpersonal skills as well as independent living skills


5. Instruction in self-advocacy

  • Training on self-awareness, disclosure of disability, and knowing individual rights and responsibilities

Q.  Who is eligible for the Pre-Employment Services (Pre-ETS) program?
A.  A student with a disability in a secondary, postsecondary, or other recognized education program who:

  • Is between the ages of 14-22 years old
  • Is eligible for and receiving, special education or related services under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IEP, 504 plan)

Q. In regards to Supported Employment Services, how long is the “discovery” period?

A. Job seekers who are approved for Supported Employment Services are paired with an Employment Consultant who will help them identify skills, interests, and an appropriate work environment where they are most likely to succeed. “Discovery” is the first phase in Supported Employment and can be a fairly lengthy process that may include job shadow opportunities, informational and mock interviews, exploring fields of interest, learning soft skills for the business environment, and more. Supported Employment is an individualized service and the discovery period may take anywhere from one-to-three months, depending on the needs of each individual job seeker.

Q. After I get a job, how long will my Employment Consultant/Job Coach work with me?

A. Ongoing supports from an Employment Consultant are provided based on an individual’s needs.  If a new employee experiences early success on the job, the job coach will work with them until it is determined they no longer need supports.  If a longer transition period is needed, the job coach can offer supported employment services for up to two years.  Longer supports can be provided through other funding sources, such as, the Medicaid Waiver.

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