We would like to take some time to update you on some exciting information regarding the services we are providing for our individuals.
Sycamore was awarded grants to assist individuals who choose to pursue community integrated employment through our Pre-Vocational Services/Work Center to gain and maintain employment. The grant funding was offered as the state of Indiana has implemented a transformation plan to end sub-minimum wage payment to individuals served and Pre-Vocational Services in its current format.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to stop sub-minimum wage payment as of January of this year and are now able to provide an hourly wage of at least minimum wage to each individual working. The other good news is that Sycamore will be able to continue to serve individuals in gaining and maintaining employment and/or for those who do not want to pursue community employment, in other services that we offer such as Day Program or Community Services.

Below is some specific information about the Transformation Plan:

  1. States Phase Out Plan: For Pre-Vocational Services
    1. Phase 1: Effective July 2024 – No new transition aged youth entries
    2. Phase 2: Targeted Effective Early 2025 – No new entries of any age
    3. Phase 3: Targeted Effective 2026-2027 – Ending reimbursement for facility pre-vocational services in its current format
  2. 3-to-5-year Goals:
    1. Services will be provided with an interdisciplinary team approach so we can support all parts of people’s lives
    2. Eliminate subminimum wage work and prevocational services in its current format
    3. Fully established Pre-Transition services that focus on community engagement and employment exploration (Day/Community services or private pay to replace former prevocational services)
  3. Current Activities:
    1. Providing pre-employment activities, such as education on community employment, skill building, literacy groups, appropriate social engagement in the workplace, cooking classes, etc.
    2. Providing Day and Community Services to support learning and assistance in self-care, sensory/motor development, socialization, daily living skills, academics, communication, community living, community access, etc.
    3. Build relationships with employers and other businesses in the community
    4. Continue group community employment activities
    5. Provide work experiences and volunteer opportunities at local community businesses
    6. Collaboration for paid work within the Work Center
    7. Sign up for assistance to get a job through Vocational Rehabilitation, which is responsible for assisting individuals with gaining and maintaining employment
    8. Discuss alternatives to community employment should an individual and their team want to pursue that instead
    9. Training available on employment opportunities, financial impact of working, etc.

Sycamore will to continue to advocate for increased independence in all aspects of individuals’ lives. Sycamore will continue to work closely with each individual and their team to ensure we are providing the best possible services that aligns with their wants and needs. During this process, we will talk to individuals and teams about the variety of services that Sycamore can provide. We would like to ensure that all those we serve are thoroughly informed of the multiple services and the purpose of each of those services.

We will soon be holding a “Town Hall” to provide an opportunity for further discussion. So, please watch out for that announcement.

In the meantime, to learn more and/or discuss this further, please contact LaDonna Everroad, COO.
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