DANVILLE — Sycamore Services Inc., a non-profit organization serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1961, announces the unveiling of the ABA Opportunity Center logo. The logo is the symbol of the past and future of Sycamore Services and those who will be served by the new programming and resources.  Sycamore Services looks forward to bringing these much-needed services to families striving for an increased quality of life and independence on their unique journey. “Together, we will move forward to continue to provide support and hope to the families we serve in an expanded capacity for another 60 years,” Patrick Cockrum, Sycamore Services, Inc. CEO.

“The rainbow infinity symbol represents the diversity of the autism spectrum, acceptance of neurodiversity, and promotes the endless possibilities for each individual.” Christa Lake, Clinical Director, “Individuals with autism are not a puzzle to be solved, rather they should be accepted for their neurodiversity and celebrated for who they are.”

Referrals now being accepted – contact Clinical Director Christa Lake 317-664-7026, cclake@sycamoreservices.com.