Sycamore Services is pleased to announce that LaDonna Everroad has been named the organization’s new Chief Operating Officer. Everroad has been with Sycamore Services since September, 2008. She initially came to Sycamore Services as a contract worker for a school-to-work transition program, later was moved into the Quality Assurance Coordinator role and then promoted to Director of Human Resources and Quality Assurance in 2013. Everroad has more than 20 years of experience working with, and on behalf of, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has a desire to be more involved in the legislative process, and at the community level, to provide better opportunities and services for individuals with disabilities. She understands the biggest challenges in the disability services industry and has a goal to improve industry-wide workforce and retention rates. Everroad has experience with the System of Excellence work group through INARF and is currently a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, Indiana State Department of Health Hendricks and Morgan County committees, the Strategic Indiana Provider Network training committee and is a co-chair for the INARF HR Professional Interest Section.