Gregory has a form of Autism called Asperger’s, making him exceptionally book smart, but unable to pick up on social cues. Greg tends to adjust to any social situation like a chameleon. For example, if he’s around small children, he will behave like a small child; if he is around adults in professional roles, he will behave like a professional. He took a visit to a college science department and chatted with a professor about organs and higher level scientific knowledge that he picked up from reading and conversations; but when he is interacting with children, he tends to take on the actions of a child, rather than playing with a child the way an adult typically would.

Academically, he had the ability to do college level work when he was in 3rd grade. In fact, he could have been taking high school level classes, but his family decided he needed to grow up around his peers. In high school, he would get bored in his classes, so he would fall behind just so he could work hard to pull his grades back up. All throughout school, he had incredible teachers on his side, who tried to help him with organizational skills and socialization. Even so, his family worried that he wouldn’t be able to go on to college because of his lack of maturity, his inability to pick up on his surroundings, and for safety reasons. College had always been a dream for Greg, so his family knew they needed to do more so that dream could become reality.

This motivated Greg’s family to sign him up for an Autism Waiver from the State of Indiana. Soon after, he began working with Sycamore Services in Evansville. The family has a friend who currently works at Sycamore Services, so they knew this would be a good place for Greg to receive services.

Through Sycamore Services, Greg has started going out in the community to volunteer, going to the library and attending parties, which has allowed him to gain so much socialization and independence. “WOW, he’s been so excited, so happy, so friendly and a better man for having a chance to live like everyone else. His life now has meaning, and his mom and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” shared Greg’s father, Donnie.

Recently, Greg and his family decided that he has matured immensely and surpassed their expectations, so they thought it was time for Greg to enroll in college. Greg is so excited! He has always said he wanted to become a scientist in rheumatology to find a cure for his mom, and to find cures for other people within vascular diseases, affecting all organs of the body. Now, Greg is attending college at Ivy Tech in Evansville, currently studying Math and Chemistry. He has already tested out of all the pre requisite classes, and while taking a math placement exam, he tested so highly that he was placed in an advanced calculus class! He has a plan of action with his advisor to move to USI as a junior to study Math and Microbiology, then move on to the IU School of Medicine in Evansville to study Pre-med and the Science of Rheumatology.

Thanks to Sycamore Services, Greg went from an individual who lacked maturity and social skills, to a more mature, outgoing and happy guy! Donnie shared, “Michelle Kirk and all of the staff at Sycamore Services in Evansville have been a God send to our family. They aim to please and help. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude and thankfulness I have to Sycamore Services! Greg is now such a strong, independent individual thanks to the care and support given by the staff at Sycamore Services!”